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Dental Cleaning Specialist

First Smile Dental

General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Alexandria, VA

Routine dental cleanings keep your teeth and gums healthy. At First Smile Dental in Alexandria, Virginia, you receive in-depth care. Keehong Kwon, DDS, and Erika Mogrovejo, DDS, are experts in the field of dentistry. During each visit, the First Smile Dental team thoroughly cleans your teeth and gums. The First Smile Dental team also offers important dental screenings. Regular exams can help you avoid tooth troubles in the future. If you want to protect your smile, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

What are the benefits of dental cleaning?

Routine dental cleanings have many advantages. First Smile Dental cleanings can:

  • Prevent gum disease
  • Reduce the risk of cavities
  • Improve bad breath
  • Heal mouth sores

Researchers have found a link between gum disease and increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Some research has also suggested that dental problems during pregnancy can put your baby at risk. Regular exams and cleanings help protect against these health risks.

Professional dental cleaning also improves the appearance of your teeth. Skipping your dental appointments can lead to stained or decayed teeth. But dental cleanings keep your smile bright. 

How often do I need a professional dental cleaning?

Most children and adults should see their dentist every six months. But if you have chronic health concerns, you may need to see the dentist more often. 

Your First Smile Dental provider can help you develop a personalized care plan. The friendly office staff also helps you schedule your appointments. They offer reminders and follow-up calls, so you never miss a cleaning. 

What happens during a dental cleaning?

During each visit, your First Smile Dental provider performs a visual exam. They may use a small mirror to take a close look at your teeth and gums.

Next, your provider uses a sharp mental tool called a scaler. This tool helps your provider gently scrape away plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar can trap bacteria along the gumline. 

Your provider also uses a high-powered electric brush to clean your teeth. They floss your teeth and have you rinse your mouth to remove any residue. Finally, your provider applies a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

During your cleaning, your provider may notice a problem with your teeth or gums. If there is a dental concern, the First Smile Dental team explains what to do next.

What follow-up services are available?

Dental problems like cavities or gingivitis are often diagnosed during a dental cleaning. If your provider spots a problem, he or she determines the next step.

You may need an in-office procedure to resolve the issue. Your provider might also suggest changing your oral care routine or using a different product.

No matter what your needs, the First Smile Dental team helps you find a solution. They provide the care you need to resolve all your dental concerns. 

Ready to schedule your next cleaning? Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.