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Invisalign® Specialist

First Smile Dental

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If you’re looking for the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, consider what Invisalign® can do for you. The team led by Keehong Kwon, DDS, and Erika Mogrovejo, DDS, at First Smile Dental in Alexandria, Virginia, has extensive experience providing their patients with Invisalign services, helping them get the beautiful smile they desire. To learn more, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment.

Invisalign® Q & A

What is Invisalign?

You’ve probably seen people go through the process of conventional braces. While you saw them struggle with intrusive wires and uncomfortable rubber bands, you may have wondered, “Isn’t there an easier way to get straight teeth?” With Invisalign, there is. 

Invisalign is a system of clear plastic mouthpieces that slowly move your teeth into shape over time, much like conventional braces do. However, unlike braces, they blend into your teeth so well that many people can’t even tell they’re there. 

This system can help you achieve the straight and aligned smile you’ve always wanted, without going through the process of cumbersome braces. 

How does Invisalign work?

Initially, you meet with the team at First Smile Dental to determine if Invisalign is right for you. If they decide that Invisalign can correct your teeth position and bite, they discuss the process with you in detail and go over your goals. 

The team makes an image of your current bite, and develops a plan of care based on your individual situation. This information is then sent to a special laboratory where your unique set of Invisalign trays are made.

Once First Smile Dental receives your new Invisalign trays, you start by wearing the first tray. As your teeth begin to shift over time, you progress on to each new tray in order to keep your teeth moving into the correct positions. 

Depending on the original position of your teeth, treatment can last from 10-24 months. 

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Many people feel embarrassed about wearing conventional braces. With Invisalign, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing braces, helping you straighten your teeth in a discreet manner. 

In addition, you can also remove Invisalign trays while you eat and for special occasions, although they should be worn the majority of the time. 

While Invisalign can help many people, it’s not for everyone. If you have severe crowding or major spacing problems, more conventional treatment may be necessary. The team at First Smile Dental works with you to determine if Invisalign is the right choice. 

To learn more about Invisalign and whether it can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment with the team at First Smile Dental.